The perfect 'golden niche keyword' has only three ingredients:

  • It's profitable (in a high paying niche, with search volume)
  • It's easy to rank (first page of Google has sites you can easily out-rank)
  • EMD is available to register. (exact match domain)

In this training, we show you a tool capable of finding unlimited golden niche keywords (in just minutes) that are available to register as exact match domains.

But in order to prove how powerful this strategy is, we let the audience suggest the locations & niches, and we find a golden niche keyword LIVE, almost every single time!

We also cover:

  • What Is A Golden Niche Keyword?
  • The Genetic Makeup Of A Golden Niche Keyword
  • Why Exact Match Domains Are Amazing
  • How To Analyze The Top 10 Competition On Google
  • How To Find Killer Niches In Any Location
  • How To Find The Best Locations For Any Niche
  • How To Find Those "ODDBALL" Niches No One Else Is Targeting

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