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Meet The NEW & Improved Xagio Audit Function!

  • Want to find the perfect additional keywords to target on your site?
  • Want to find the perfect SERVICE pages to add to your site?
  • Want to optimize new pages easier than ever before?
  • Want to take advantage of "keyword cluster?
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  • The audit pulls up the site that the xagio plug in is installed on, not the website entered into the domain audit. It is installed on my website, I enter a competitors website and the audit pulls up my pages, not the competitors.

  • What shows in the header menu is completely up to you as you control it with WordPress menus. Google how to set up a WordPress menu to learn how to do that.

    To make sure that additional service pages (that are hidden from the menu) still get indexed, make sure to include a link to a sitemap in your footer.

  • Great walk through video on new audit feature , love the way it can segment into groups so quickly. Question – If we are creating all these ‘Service’ pages there is going to be a lot showing in the header menu.
    How do we set that up on our site so we don’t have 10-20 service pages per group showing in header menu’s but they are still public etc. ? Cheers

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